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Ann Russo: Pioneering Personal Growth and Professional Development

Meet Ann Russo, LCSW, MA Theology AMR Therapy Founder, CEO and Clinical Director

Meet Ann Russo, a pioneering advocate for inclusivity in mental health, blending a profound understanding of mental wellness with a passionate commitment to spirituality. With a Masters in Theology, specializing in liberation theology, Ann offers a compassionate, transformative approach to therapy, life coaching, and consulting. Her experience shines in empowering the queer, sex-positive, and kink communities, fostering growth, and healing.

Ann’s dedication to intertwining queer mental health, sex positivity, and the integration of religion with sexuality has been recognized widely through her work with various human rights organizations.

With a career spanning  three decades, Ann leads workshops aimed at promoting queer inclusivity among diverse groups, including hospital staff and clergy, contributing significantly to the cultural acceptance of queer identities. Her services are uniquely tailored to address the complexities of identity, sexuality, gender, religiosity, and “alternative” relationships, enhancing both personal and professional development for a more inclusive and affirming care environment.


Ann Russo's Mission Statement

Ann Russo is dedicated to empowering individuals and enriching communities through inclusive psychotherapy, life coaching, and professional development. She aims to bridge the complexities of identity, sexuality, gender, and relationships with transformative support and education. Focused on the queer, sex-positive, and kink communities, Ann’s mission is to foster personal growth, understanding, and societal acceptance. Through advocacy, specialized training, and public engagement, she strives to affirm the intrinsic value of each journey toward healing and self-discovery.

Comprehensive Services for Queer Stakeholders

Ann’s knowledge offers  support to organizations, professionals, and businesses aiming to create more inclusive environments. Her consulting and training services are specifically designed to enrich cultural understanding and practices, with a focus on the Queer, and sex-positive, communities. This initiative reaches beyond healthcare, catering to any entity wishing to deepen their grasp of these communities and foster diversity. 

Why Ann Russo? A Personalized Path to Growth and Understanding

Choosing Ann Russo goes beyond selecting a service; it’s about engaging with an advocate in mental health and inclusivity. As the founder of AMR Therapy, Ann has led the practice from its inception to a beacon of support for over 1,500 clients, thanks to a team of dedicated therapists and administrators. Renowned for pioneering remote mental health services since 2017, she has made compassionate care accessible to a broader audience, emphasizing the importance of reaching individuals that have had barriers to care.

Now, Ann is focusing her expertise on training, consulting, and coaching, while continuing to work with a select number of therapy clients. This shift allows her to leverage her extensive experience to inspire and enact change on a wider scale. Whether you’re an individual seeking to navigate life’s complexities, a stakeholder or a mental health professional aiming to deepen your practice, Ann offers unique insights forged at the intersection of advocacy, professional growth, and personal empowerment.

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Discover Holistic Therapy (California and Nevada Residents Only)

Her work is grounded in a deep understanding of the nuances of identity, sexuality, gender, and sex positivity. When necessary, leveraging her  understanding of liberation theology, supporting those at the crossroads of queerness and faith, offering insights that navigate this complex intersection with compassion and depth.With Ann, psychotherapy transcends traditional boundaries, incorporating a holistic approach that blends psychological expertise with lived experience.

Sessions with Ann are characterized by an affirming human space where clients are positioned to explore their true selves. Ann’s approach is personalized to meet the unique needs of each client. 

Life Coaching: Personal Empowerment & Clarity (US Residents Only)

Life coaching with Ann Russo is available to anyone across the United States, offering a journey of personal growth and empowerment. This service is designed for those seeking to navigate life’s challenges, set meaningful goals, and foster a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Unlike psychotherapy, life coaching with Ann focuses on the present and future, crafting actionable strategies to achieve personal and professional aspirations.

Life coaching with Ann is deeply rooted in the rich fabric of intersectionality, acknowledging and valuing the diverse elements that compose our identities.

Consultant Services for Mental Health Providers

Ann Russo offers tiered consulting services designed to meet mental health professionals at various stages of their professional journey. Her expertise is centered around building inclusive practices, enhancing client engagement, and effectively serving the LGBTQ+, sex-positive, non-monogamy, and kink communities.

Ann’s approach ensures that whether you’re just beginning your career or looking to enhance your established practice, you’ll receive personalized support and expert insights to foster an environment that welcomes all clients.

Live Trainings and Speaking Engagements

Ann Russo provides comprehensive training sessions for organizations, healthcare providers, and educational institutions. These trainings are designed to promote queer inclusivity, understanding of diverse sexualities and relationship dynamics, and the integration of spirituality and mental health. Ann’s trainings are interactive, evidence-based, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each audience, fostering a more inclusive and informed community. 

Media Booking

Ann provides expert insights and commentary on mental health, queerness, sex positivity, and the dynamics of religion and sexuality. With a commitment to challenging the status quo and engaging audiences, her contributions aim to educate, inspire, and provoke thought through a blend of humor, expertise, and relatable storytelling.

Advocacy isn't just a role—it's a catalyst for positive change in mental wellness. Recent findings indicate a significant 60% positive influence on mental health outcomes when community support is actively involved. As a mental health advocate, my commitment is to work collaboratively to build a more inclusive and supportive world for mental health professionals.

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