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I have a friend who, when faced with the unavoidable necessity of parking his car on a busy city street one Friday night, with only one metered space available for blocks, and multiple experiences of costly parking tickets in his recent past, felt the symptoms rising.  He didn’t have the money for another ticket, and he knew it.

His heart began to race.  His breathing became labored.  He felt the sweat begin to form on his forehead.  He tried to calm himself, but it wasn’t working.  The lights of the street seemed brighter, glaring, and he couldn’t think of anything but getting away, no longer caring why he was there in the first place.

Unable to find peace enough to park and leave his car behind for the next few hours, he gave up and drove away as quickly as possible, only hoping the feelings that overwhelmed him in the moment would pass.

Have you felt a moment like that overwhelm you?  If you have, you may have been experiencing the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety is not a one size fits all disorder.  It shows itself in different ways and a variety of forms including Social Anxiety Disorder – an extreme fear and avoidance of social situations due to feelings of embarrassment or self-consciousness, Panic Disorder – a sudden spike of acute anxiety, anxiety caused by specific phobias, even substance-induced anxiety disorder from the direct result of misusing drugs, prescription medications, or even withdrawal from prescription or other drugs.  Children can even experience anxiety in the form of Separation Anxiety Disorder when faced with a departure from a parent or others in a parental capacity for young people.

But the one constant for those who are suffering any form of Anxiety is that there is help.

Do you, or someone you know, feel like Anxiety is interfering with work or relationships?

Is fear or worry upsetting you, and not easy for you to control?

Do you feel like Anxiety might be related to particular health concerns?

Are any of these feelings interfering with work, relationships, or any other part of your life?

If anything you’ve just read feels familiar, or someone you know has expressed thoughts like these to you, there is help.  The next step for you or a loved one may be as simple as contacting us at AMR Therapy.

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