Being A Social Worker

As a mental health therapist, I have struggled as to whether or not I should make political statements on my work page…. My hearts conviction is strong and I must speak out. I won’t endorse a party or a candidate. I also value and respect political differences. It is our ability to be individuals within a community that makes us beautiful. What has been a cherished asset of this great country is now used to alienate and divide us. My heart is broken but my spirit will fight . I will say this- harming and scapegoating  members of our human race is not about political ideology-it is moral issue. While I by no means claim to know how to solve the #issues that divide us – I can and will never condone the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical harming of people wanting to have a safe and dignified existence. At the end of the day I must I do all I can to not be complicit in human suffering. I am a social worker and I believe in the dignity respect and value of all people.