Caregiver Support Counseling

Choosing to become a caregiver, through pregnancy, foster care, adoption, or an unforeseen situation with a friend or relative is a pivotal event in life. There can be so many emotions associated with becoming a caregiver. As you are preparing to be a caregiver, there isn’t a shortage of advice and personal actions being taken to be the best caregiver possible. You feel hesitantly ready, but when the day arrives you can feel like you have no idea what is going on! All your carefully thought out plans are gone and your now just in survival mode!

It is a lot to deal with, especially if you this is your first time being a caregiver. People can tell you what its like, but you really have no idea until you are in it. Your life is forever changed.  All your energy is spent taking care of another person and little time, if any, is spent taking care of yourself.  The truth is you need to be a caregiver to yourself in order to be an effective caregiver of another. To combat caregiver burnout, it is a proven that having support and someone to talk to about life changes is necessary.  Yes, speaking with family and friends can help, but an objective and judgement free ear is key for support and increased well being. At AMR Mental Health Therapy, we are here to listen, providing both counseling and support. We have a decade of specialized training in working with caregivers of people with developmental disabilities, including autism. We are here especially for you caregivers. Remember the old saying, if you are not taking care of yourself you can not take care of others. One hour a week can make such a positive difference.