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Childhood Trauma Women's Group

AMR Therapy & Support Services is proud to offer a reoccurring six-week childhood trauma women’s support group. The group is led by Nadia Charles, a trauma-certified specialist, and life coach. Learn more below. 

Have you ever done things you really weren’t sure about because you wanted to fit in and be accepted? Did it feel like your authentic choice or something you did to get along?  These are some of the questions you will be asked to contemplate in this group.  Are you living your best life or compromising yourself due to insecurity? Nadia will take you on a six week immersive journey into yourself to explore, learn and love yourself. Your insecurities no longer have to be in the driver’s seat. Transforming Insecurity is a 6-week group coaching program for adult women survivors of childhood trauma whose goal is to transform insecurity into self-awareness, self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-love. You will understand the intersection between insecurity and authenticity and how your unconscious and conscious insecurities keep you from showing up in your life courageously and honestly. You will explore the origins of your insecurities through deep and reflective exercises and chart a new path for stepping into your life with more courage, confidence, and authenticity, able to embrace who you truly are, daring to feel your feelings, and show others your true self without fear of judgment or shame.

Information and Sign up:

What: Women's Healing from Childhood Trauma Group
Where: HIPAA Compliant Zoom
Duration: 6 Weeks
Length of Group: 90 Minute Sessions
Time: TBD (based on participants availability)
Start Date: Reoccuring Group
Max Number of Participants: 8
Cost: $300 *Assistance to those who qualify

Each potential group member must register for a complimentary consult with Nadia to ensure good fit.

Group Participant Testimonial:

"As an adult, I was ready to confront my painful past because I weighed the benefits against the risk and decided I was ready... Even though therapy can be hard, it’s worth it. I’ve always come out stronger, more fulfilled, and with a better understanding of myself and my relationships with others." -D.A.

Full Testimonial Here

Nadia's Story

The story went along these lines–I’m going to travel, buy a tiny house, figure out what’s next for me, and do what’s right for me. This wasn’t necessarily a lie. I did want to travel. I did want to buy a tiny house. I did want to figure out what was next for me and do what was right for me. I just hadn’t imagined they would happen back to back to back. I figured I would take my time and plan it all out..

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