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Coming Out as Queer to Ourselves

Coming out refers to the process, the path, we follow to telling ourselves the truth about our sexuality and/or gender. For some, it is easy and matter-of-fact. For others, it is deeply troubling and can take an emotional toll. Before we can share this very intimate revelation with anyone, we need to understand it ourselves.

Discovering who we are, and the frank and candid chat we need to have with ourselves is a different experience for everyone. For some, the path is easier and these people can more readily slip into their authentic selves. Consequently, for others, it is a traumatic realization that can manifest in the refusal to believe, the willful ignoring of so many signs and indications.

An individual’s geography, community, and family attitudes all have a great impact on how long we take to introduce the real us to us! Many of us suspect but dismiss. Somehow, these attractions we have do not fit into the dreams of our own futures and are at odds with what we hope to be, the lives we envisioned. At some point, the roads diverge, and we must be ourselves despite how we are received in the world. 

Luckily places like AMR Therapy exist to help you discover yourself and truly learn how to love all of you.  The great news is you are not alone.  You will see there is a community, a place, and a family ready to embrace you. If you would benefit from therapy or support services, we are here to help.

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