Effective Boundaries

If you find yourself always busy is it because you said ‘yes’ when you wanted to say ‘no’?  If so, you might be putting others first in a toxic way and lacking boundaries. Building strong and effective boundaries are important in combating these toxic situations and creating healthier relationships. Boundaries can be emotional, material,physical, spiritual or behavioral in nature. Healthy boundaries are significant for overall well-being and establishing a positive sense of self. Boundaries are essentially self-imposed limits, in order to be your best self. At times, these limits can be confusing due to the different roles we have (e.g. being a boss, a parent, a spouse and a friend), in our lives. These poor boundaries can create problems such as stress, strained relationships, exhaustion, resentment, and unhappiness.If you have reached your limit, therapy can help in creating healthy and effective boundaries. Take your life back. Contact AMR Mental Health Therapy today.