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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about getting help and support at AMR Online Video Therapy.

AMR Online Video Therapy is unique that we provide various services for mental health care to fit your needs. We work with you to explore how we can best serve you and not the other way around. We respond promptly to inquiries and can have you scheduled for a session within the week. We pride ourselves on prompt and proper care and finding a frequency, duration, and intensity that works for you. Your needs always take a front seat at AMR therapy, which means not “finding a way to fit you in” to a busy schedule.

It’s up to you!

The length of service varies depending on your situation and the type of service you utilize. Some clients are with us for only a few sessions, while others may continue for many more months. As a client, you are always free to end care whenever you’d like for any reason you’d like. The choice is in your hands.

It depends on your specific circumstances, including your needs and background. You and your provider uniquely customize your treatment plan.

The cost of care depends on your current income. We strive to ensure that care is not out of reach for most people. AMR Therapy is a reduced fee provider.

You don’t need it. We believe insurance can be a barrier to timely care, so we do not typically work with insurance companies. However, we can provide a superbill for clients with PPO insurance.

You can contact AMR Online Video Therapy through the following

  • Email:
  • Phone: (530) 637-8678
  • Fax: (530) 207-8556

No matter how busy you are, we’ll try our best to make it work. We have therapy providers with open appointments available every day throughout the day.

We respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours and commonly schedule your first appointment within the week.

During your first session at AMR Online Video Therapy, you will meet with your provider and discuss your goals for therapy. They will explain how mental health services at AMR Online Video Therapy work and get to build a treatment plan that is tailored and specific for you.

AMR Online Video Therapy and Support Services is a virtual office. All sessions are completed using a medical compliant video platform working in real-time that can reach you wherever you have internet access.

To recieve therapy at AMR Online Video Therapy, you must be a resident of the state your clinician is licensed.

We are currently all licensed in California and Nevada, and our Mental Health Support Workers can work with clients residing anywhere within those states with a viable internet connection.

We do not provide phone, app, or text sessions. Best practices indicate that you and our provider should only meet face-to-face and real-time.

In most cases, yes. The law requires providers to report a few specific situations. Your provider will review this in greater detail with you during your first meeting and provide it in the written consent form.

We offer mental health services in English and Spanish.