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Got Questions?

We humans are a complicated and curious bunch. When we are young, many of us try to conform.  As we get older, we search out and ask…are others like me or am I really so different?”  Eventually, many of us reach a point when we want answers, when we want to feel more comfortable in our own skin.  Questions need answers, but where do we find them?  These days, we go to the internet, we google those things that puzzle us, search for deeper understanding of ourselves and others.  What we usually find are cold, one -size-fits -all “facts.”  And a great deal of the information is inaccurate or written from points of view that give make us feel even more alone, more isolated.

You may be thinking, I don’t think I need therapy, but I could really use someone skilled an objective to help me work though this thought.  Good news, AMR Therapy offers a program designed just for those questions.  We have trained and certified peer support counselors that you can meet with one time or a few times to move through the challenges.  Many of our problems do not necessarily require psychotherapeutic intervention, but can, rather, be addressed by someone who has walked in our shoes.  Keep in mind that there are professionals out there, like peer support counselors, who can offer you the benefit of experience.  Would you like to speak with someone who really listens, who really cares? Consider a Peer Counselor.

AMR Therapy offers this service and welcomes those who wish to access it.

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