Guided Support Through Your Identity Journey

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Guided Support Through Your Identity Journey

Gender and sexuality are important factors in our lives that determine our relationships and our attitude towards the world.

Knowing which gender and sexuality we identify with is important for our well-being, our mental health, and, above all, to have a full, satisfying, and happy life.

Have you ever had doubts or wondered about your gender and sexual preferences? Let’s see, first of all, what these two terms refer to.

Gender refers to the behaviors, appearance, attitudes, and thoughts that society believes we should have based on our biological sex (male or female). These are created based on the sociocultural context in which we live and aims to establish the type of relationship that should exist between people.

On the other hand, sexuality refers to which people we are attracted to regardless of the biological sex with which we are born. If we are attracted to heterosexuals, homosexuals, pansexuals, bisexuals, etc.

The importance of identifying your gender and sexuality

Regardless of the social bases on gender and sexuality, each person can have different tastes and tendencies that may come out of these bases. Each person is unique, valuable, and unrepeatable, and not all of us fall into the “scheme” that has been established for us.

It is important to know how we identify ourselves, which brings us to a third term: gender identity. Gender identity refers to the perception that we ourselves have about our gender, our sexual identity, and even about our biological sexual characteristics.

Gender identity is a crucial element in the development of our sexual identity, and it is part of the psychological components we need to exercise our sexuality fully and satisfactorily.

The way we see our sexuality can change over the years during our childhood and adolescence. Therefore, it’s important to be able to explore our thoughts and feelings in terms of how we see and feel around other people, who we are attracted to, and how we feel most comfortable in our own body.

If you have concerns or questions regarding your gender identity, please contact our team of mental health professionals so we can assist you. Remember that we are all different, and that you have every right to live free and happy, loving yourself as you are and enjoying your sexuality. Schedule a consultation!

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