Learn to Communicate Better Utilizing Therapy

Communication is challenging in all types of relationships. Talking to a partner, friend, family or colleague can create anxiety, depression or self -doubt. Remember the last time you had to have a difficult conversation and wasn’t sure what to say? Did you fall awkwardly silent? Did you or the other person become defensive? Did you feel misunderstood? Maybe you decided to forgo the conversation altogether in hopes the issues would just go away. Everyone falls victim to the butterflies in the stomach, the “I should’ve said this or that” and the ignore the elephant in the room scenario.  It is time to stop convincing yourself out of a much-needed conversation due to fear. There is no need to play a conversation over and over again in your head wishing it had gone differently.  It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes and empower yourself to be a better and more productive communicator. Imagine being able to walk away from a difficult conversation feeling heard and understood while still honoring the other person. Through counseling, I can help you hone your communication skills and conquer the various difficulties you may be facing when conversing.  I have had extensive training on healthycommunication for a multitude of relationship dynamics. I have had the pleasureof working with dozens of clients as they learn the skills to express themselvesin a more effective manner. I specialize in assisting client’s in forming healthycommunication skills that can be utilized with anyone from partners tobosses.  If you are not sure aboutseeking out counseling on communication contact me for more information.  www.amrmentalhealthytherapy.com