Speaking to my clients this week, it seems like love is on people’s minds.  I often wonder why is it so hard for us to express love but so easy for us to express hate or dislike?  I can surmise it is because on some level we are trying desperately to save ourselves from pain. The pain of past hurts and traumas lingers within us and we let them rule us.  It is by this fear that we don’t get to experience are greatest life and our greatest love. I am asking you to stop for a minute and remember you are so much more than your past and so much more than your future.  You are now this moment and you deserve love and to give love.  I am talking about true, real, authentic, radical love!  I am talking about loving yourself and loving others.  I am speaking of loving without expectation. We don’t hurt from loving others we hurt from expectations we put on others and ourselves.  I am telling you love yourself all of you – the parts you already love to the parts that are too much like your parents, or still need some refining. You are imperfectly perfect! As for others, are they not imperfectly perfect also? Love them for their experiences, their joys and their traumas.  Love them without worrying how they feel about you or what they can do for you. Love is one thing that is truly infinite – you will never run out. Spread love. You will find that on your journey, it is your ability to love that makes this life worth it.

“Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”, Mother Teresa .  That is it that is so true!  I think