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Missing Pieces

What is your “missing piece”?

If “how would I know?” is your answer, you’re probably closer to the answer than you do know.  But what if that missing piece really isn’t missing at all?  What if you just need help seeing what is already there?

Maybe AMR Therapy can help identify what it is you might be too close to see.

When life’s circumstances; a move, a job change, a relationship break-up, or even deeper, long-term circumstances like grief and loss, anxiety or depression, and with those, the possibility of co-related post-traumatic stress, cause you to miss the answer(s) which could be right in front of you, the gentle help of a licensed professional may move you to that place of understanding.

So, back to that “missing piece”.  Think of something that you’ve always wanted to “do with your life”.  Really think about it for a moment.  What’s stopping you?  Do you have that nagging thought that says, “When I just get THIS circumstance under control” or, “If I could only stop doing THAT thing that’s derailing me”?  Therapy with a caring, qualified professional can act as a key, opening those sealed-off places where your freedom to act on your desire for a better future hide.

Begin by contacting us. A brief message to ann@wordpress-644312-2189965.cloudwaysapps.comcan serve as your beginning to the life you wanted, but just haven’t gotten to yet.

We look forward to hearing from you.

​Ann RussoThursday, November 08, 2018

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