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Not Alone, Mental Health Impacts On New Parents

There are many different emotions new parents experience. There are various forms of therapy, helpful articles and mommy blogs to help biological moms through the tougher times of being a new parent.  While these services, can be useful, other parents tend to be forgotten. The emotional well-being of a biological mom, while important, can overshadow the emotional needs of other types of parents.  A parent is anyone that now has the responsibility to care for a child. Once you become a parent, you are thrown into a grind of child rearing, while still needing to maintain other responsibilities. You may think you’re ready for these new challenges, but inevitably, there are some surprises that can be overwhelming.  The life you knew is suddenly gone. It can be difficult to find yourself in your new identity, as a parent.  A new parent may be asking themselves questions like, how do I support my new family unit? New parents can drown themselves in responsibility and feel pressure to not speak of the challenges they are facing in this new role.  A new parent can feel depressed and lonely, experiencing postpartum depression is not just a condition that happens to biological mothers. All new parents must take care of themselves. At AMR Mental Health Therapy, we are here to support you through this transition.  We provide psychotherapy and additional support services.  Reach out to learn more.

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