Peer Counseling for Queer Men with AMR Therapy

What is peer counseling and why is it particularly important for queer men? Queer men are always operating along a behavioral and emotional spectrum:

  1. Am I different?
  2. How am I different?
  3. Why am I different?

These questions are usually answered in several different ways: totally internally within our own thought processes; sexual experiences, be they sought out or chanced upon; timid, then increasingly frank discussions with others like ourselves, and in innumerable other ways.

Emerging queer men often seek support from their peers if they lack it from their family of origin. Sometimes –and preferably—more is needed than just social chat. Trained peer support can help bridge the gap between negative family relationships and psychosocial pressures, such as family/social/academic/religious rejection. We look for support wherever we hope it might be found, but having access to those like ourselves, those who are trained to guide us along our journey, often results in lower levels of anxiety, depression, and internalized homonegativity. These moderating effects suggest that having a supportive peer group may protect against mental health problems for Queer emerging adults who lack support from traditional circles. In many cases, the availability of that trained and experienced peer “shoulder to lean on” can make the critical difference between safe and healthy mental/emotional attitudes, or a drifting towards isolation, exclusion, and despair.

What can peer counseling accomplish for you? How can it help? Does it truly make our lives more manageable? Studies and experience have shown that the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes! For those who put in the work which, in most cases, is simply speaking our concerns and truths to a person who has gone through the same process, peer counseling can afford the opportunity to listen to ourselves, to help us, with experienced guidance, navigate the waters of minority status in a largely ‘straight’ society.

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