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Philosophy of Therapy

The first thing I was told during my graduate school orientation was to go to therapy. It was my responsibility, if I wanted to be a good therapist, to understand therapy from the perspective of the client. It gave me the opportunity to understand the hesitation some clients have about therapy because I had them too. Our society makes therapy seem like something for people with severe mental illnesses only, which can be stigmatizing and turn people off to seeking help. I learned that therapy isn’t so much about mental illness as it is about self care and mental well being. This perspective taught me to empower my clients as people, not treat them like a diagnosis. This is why I do not take insurance. I don’t believe treatment should be dictated by insurance companies. Treatment is about you and your uniqueness. Therapy with me is an exploration of your experiences, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. In the process, we assess what is working for you and what no longer serves you. I am here for you as an objective guide to assist you in attaining the goals you set out for yourself. Goals are anything from decreasing anxiety and depression to figuring out if you should take that new job. I am educated to effectively and objectively assist clients through various challenges, there isn’t any concern to small or to big. Feel free to reach out and learn more about AMR Therapy.

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