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Support Services

AMR Therapy & Support Services is proud to offer various support services. AMR provides peer support and groups, and behavioral health services. Nationwide eligibility for select support services. 

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Behavioral Support Services

Unlike therapy, which focuses on thoughts and feelings, behavioral support focuses on making long lasting changes to unhelpful behaviors. Behavioral Support is all about action. We offer parenting support, support for neurodivergent teens, and behavioral-focused care. To learn more sign up for a free consult.

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Peer Support Counseling

You don't have to do this alone. We offer support and guidance from certified peer support workers that will understand you. Each peer support worker has lived experience in the topics they counsel. Short term support, more affordable than therapy, and immediate appointment scheduling . Currently on staff : queer male support worker. Support for relationships, non-monogamy, sex workers, STI, coming out, child rearing , self acceptance and other concerns facing queer men.
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School Staff Support Group

We know that working in a school setting is bringing unique challenges to staff. We are here to support. This free remote group is designed to provide support to school staff everywhere. We utilize large and breakout rooms to maximize effectiveness. The group is facilitated by an AMR therapist. Space is limited to ensure maximum quality. Waitlist Available Only. Join our waitlist here.

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Transforming Insecurity from Childhood Trauma Women's Group

You deserve to heal from the past. The goal of the group is to connect to your inner wisdom using information and exploration. This is six session course designed to meet the needs of the participants. All US based women are eligible to participate. Remote based $300, reduced fee available. We require a free consult with the facilitator before sign up to ensure fit. Time and day to be determined based on availability. Space is limited. Register for your consultation here.

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