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The Advantages of Therapy from
a Small Independent Agency

As in many things, from coffee shops to car lots, cosmetics stores to restaurants, we tend to feel a greater sense of comfort and familiarity with smaller, boutique, mom-and-pop businesses. But in today’s world we often have no choice but to deal with the large, the unwieldy, the assembly line and so on. This is probably not the best way to select our health care providers, but we may find our options limited.

Many people struggle with the emotional and mental fallout of different situations and crises. At a time when we might crave simplicity, we may be unable to bypass the machinery and limits of large bureaucracies, insurance companies or government agencies. In exploring the benefits of smaller, independent health care providers, your time and resources are invested with therapists who tailor their approach to your needs, with you as their only consideration! While adequate care exists at many big scale providers, some patients find it easier to build a comfortable relationship with agencies that know their names, recognize them and their needs. Instead of care by committee, you get the mental health care demanded by your own personal experiences. You are in control of where you go for treatment, who you see, and all without being told or directed to an office where you are uncomfortable.

At AMR Therapy, you are not restricted to who you must see, to the issues you are “allowed” to discuss, and your care is directed by you! Seeking care with AMR assures you that you will receive top quality, appropriate care with an agency experienced in all manners and approaches to quality mental health care. No waiting. No long insurance delays. Only you make the decisions to get the care you need and want.

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