The Importance of Non-Negotiables

Would you ever describe yourself as being bad at dating? Do you ever have difficulties in your romantic relationships and even friendships? If so, one of the reasons why may be that you have not figured out or set up relationship non-negotiables. Non-negotiables are defined as “things that are not open for discussion or modification” and are seen as the most important aspect of an agreement, connection, or situation. In friendships and relationships, it is fairly easy to enter into a close connection without figuring out or seeing if that person meets the standards that you are looking for. Some relationship non-negotiables can look like: no cursing or raising voices during a disagreement, same values in politics or religion, or having no children. When you set up relationship non-negotiables it is much easier for you to see if the connection you have with a person will last long-term or have struggles if you continue on. Creating this list is essential to one’s mental health when seeking out long-term connections with others as relationship non-negotiables are tied to a person’s values. Therapy is a safe space for you to figure out your values and relationship non-negotiables which will contribute to your overall mental health and successful connections with others. Book an appointment today!