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The Importance of Quality Time

Exhaustion and complacency can negatively impact romantic relationships. Therefore, it is really important to make time to bond with your partner. Bonding is something that should be done without distractions, put away your phones, turn off the television, and stop doing other things! Engage with each other, by taking an uninterrupted hour and ask each other probing questions. When is the last time you asked your partner about an impactful dream they had? Or when they had a positive experience in the world? Something they would like to do better? These are just a few examples, to get the communication flowing. Take the time to really listen without judgement or interruption. After you talk go do something fun! Having trouble thinking of something? Put a few ideas down on a scrap of paper – put them in a bowl and pick one. GO DO IT! If you find you or your partner are becoming complacent in your relationship – reach out for some suggestions to enhance communication and quality time.

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