Traveling With An Emotional Support Animal

Traveling can be a stressful thing, just the thought of traveling can trigger anxiety. For emotional support animal owners, anxiety while flying is often a thing of the past. The energy that was once used on managing the anxiety can now be channeled to a more positive outcome. HAVING FUN! Taking the steps to register an animal, can lead to more peaceful and relaxing traveling for people with anxiety and/or depression. The process for registering your animal is easy and AMR Mental Health Therapy is with you the entire way. If you are eligible for an ESA, you and your animal are able to legally bypass non-ESA rules when it comes to traveling. Learn more about an ESA on this website. Simply knowing that your animal is legally and ethically registered with a licensed professional by your side is comfort on its own. Don’t risk making a mistake with services that provide letters to anyone. Authorities are cracking down and you don’t want to be at the airport with your support animal unable to travel or having to pay unexpected pet fees.