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Unveiling the Truth: Your Faith and Identity Journey

Misconceptions often swirl around the intersection of faith, identity, and the role of a queer therapist with a background in theology. One such misconception is the belief that a queer therapist like me aims to steer clients away from their faith in pursuit of embracing their queer identity. Let’s clear the air on this one because, in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Respecting Your Unique Journey

My mission as a therapist is rooted in respect for your individual journey. There’s no hidden agenda to coerce you into any specific direction. Your path to self-discovery is uniquely your own, and I’m here to support and guide you on that journey. This means that your faith, whatever it may be, is an integral part of the conversation, not something to downplay or dismiss.

A Common Language for Understanding

With an MA in theology, I bring a valuable perspective to our discussions. It equips us with a common language to explore the intricate relationship between your faith, identity, and overall well-being. My queerness adds an extra layer of understanding, appreciating the profound impact that religion and sexuality can have in a person’s life.

Celebrating Your Authentic Self

The heart of our journey together is the celebration of your authentic self. We respect your identity and hold your faith in high regard. This path is about you, your wants, and your needs in your quest for authenticity.

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In conclusion, the misconception that a queer therapist in theology wants clients to abandon their faith is unequivocally false. Instead, our journey together is a celebration of your identity and faith, where you’re empowered to explore your authentic self in a safe and accepting space. Your journey is yours alone, and it’s my privilege to guide and support you along the way.
By Ann Russo, LCSW, MA.TH

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