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Why We Need Inclusive Mental Health

Inclusive therapy is, simply put, the idea (and practice) that all people, regardless of their gender, abilities, orientation, age, minority status, religion….everyone…should have access to competent, quality mental health care. How a person identifies is an irrelevant consideration when we talk about inclusiveness. Those other issues may be what is discussed in therapy, but we all deserve access.

Inclusive therapy is important for a variety of reasons, with the overriding concern being to offer mental health services to individuals and communities who have traditionally been frozen out of such care. In the past, there have indeed been some biases and less-than-affirming approaches to mental health care, and therapists themselves are not immune to prejudices and attitudes they may have grown up with.

Today, there is both acknowledgment of this and vigorous, successful work to correct these past injustices. Therapists who are inclusive are sensitive to these issues and have, in both their training and practice, taken approaches that affirm everyone and seek to address those person’s individual issues. They recognize the absolute need to understand the communities in which they advertise their services, and to have skills necessary to counsel them.

So, the need is apparent. When you seek therapy from AMR therapy, you can be assured that your therapist will be quite familiar with the issues seen in your community, and which you deal individually. This fosters trust, openness and, ultimately a real chance for attaining your goals

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