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Why Choose AMR Therapy?

  1. Inclusive Environment:
    • Founded by Queer Female Therapists – Not a Corporation
  2. Affordable Pricing:
    • Sliding scale fees to fit various financial situations. 
  3. Personalized Care:
    • Small Therapy Practice Offering Individualized Care and Attention
  4. Expert Therapists:
    • Skilled and Diverse Team of Passionate Therapists
  5. Flexible and Remote:
    • Day, Evening and Weekend Remote Appointments Available
  6. Comprehensive Support:
    • We Offer Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, ENM Relationship Therapy and Support Services 
  7. Holistic Approach:
    • Integrating overall wellbeing into mental health care.

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Client Testimonials

Note: Names and photos have been changed to protect client identities. All testimonials are based on client surveys.

Therapy Services Available in These Locations

Did you know the average cost of good therapy is between $175-$225 per session?

That's why we offer income-based rates to make our services more accessible and affordable for everyone.
NOT AMR We Offer Income Based Sliding Scale Rates
  • $80 Typical Low Rate
  • $155 Highest Rate

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Click on a Team Member to Schedule a Call. Some therapists handle their own consultations, while others begin with a screening call with our intake coordinator.

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