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“Really, does that work?”

I am often asked about electronic therapy.  It only seems appropriate that my first blog address electronic therapy, (e – therapy).  Here you are totally ready to address some mental health stuff and make those positive changes. You want a competent therapist that will understand you, empower you and not break the bank. This process should be easy, right, unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. It turns out scheduling with a therapists comes with some challenges; they are commonly scheduling months out at inconvenient times or come with high price tags. Cue E-Therapy!  AMR Therapy removes those barriers by providing effective, affordable and accessible face to face er… screen to screen therapy. I ensure that I adhere to the same standard of care as therapists in an in office setting. And yes, it really works.  Studies show that clients are overall highly satisfied with on-line therapy.  “Outcomes and interventions are comparable to conventional treatment among diverse patient populations, ages and diagnostic groups, and on a wide range of measures.”1.  What does this mean? You have access to evidence based treatment with a therapist whom is licensed and HIPAA Compliant standards.  If you are struggling with mental health concerns, you don’t need to struggle any longer. Let AMR Therapy assist you on the journey to wellness. Sliding scale provided to qualified clients.

Usefulness of TelePsychiatry: A Critical Evaluation of Videoconferencing-Based Approaches

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