Essential Coping Skills You Should Know About

Regardless of how happy or healthy we are, all of us will be tested by very trying, difficult times. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we are all in need of better coping skills. They might range from watching a movie to listening to music, or simply calling a friend. These things help us to de-stress and vent off emotional steam.

Some coping tools are healthy and foster resilience. However, there are others that tend to be destructive, encouraging us to avoid problems. Here is a partial list of things to help us properly cope with difficult times:


Going shopping


Listening to music

Singing, dancing, or playing some instrument

Writing, drawing, painting, or photography


Taking a break


Spending time with others

Getting enough sleep

Getting into a healthy routine

Eating healthy foods

Practicing meditation

Limiting your intake of caffeine


Brainstorming solutions

Being flexible

Going through inspirational quotes

Writing down a list of strengths and weaknesses

Writing down a list of goals

Pampering or rewarding yourself

Lowering your



Enjoying nature

Praying or meditating

Getting involved with some worthy cause

Interpersonal or Social Coping

Using humor

Talking to someone you trust

Encouraging others

Being assertive

Setting boundaries and saying “NO”

Playing with a pet

It is also essential to strengthen your mental state. Here are some ways:

Making time for your loved ones

Building up confidence

Learning how to be at peace with yourself

Finding ways to de-stress on a regular basis

Identifying and addressing shifts in the mood

Sharing your burdens with others