Finding Time for Therapy, Easier

E-THERAPY: Therapy… easier.

Electronic Therapy works.

But this begs the question, “What IS Electronic Therapy?”

Think of E-Therapy as the therapist you take with you, wherever you may go.  Life is a busy place.  A busy place, where many people have grown to appreciate the ease and convenience of shopping online for everything from TVs to toothpaste.

And it’s not that we’ve become creatures of convenience as much as we’ve become creatures of necessity.  The physical impact of work, and the stresses of a busy life, make the online world like having “another you” to take the burden of your busy world off your shoulders, even if only a little bit.  Over time, the help of an online option becomes irreplaceable if you want to keep up with things, day-to-day.

But what about the mental and emotional impact this same busy life creates in us?  In the same way we wouldn’t think of skipping bringing fresh groceries into our homes, what if we had the option to do the very same thing to bring the fresh perspective of therapy into our homes or offices.   And what if you could visit your therapist during the time it takes for your online grocery order to be delivered?

This is E-Therapy, and THIS is what AMR Therapy does.     Affordable, evidence-based treatment with a licensed therapist, conveniently located on your favorite screen device.  Face-to-face.  Screen-to-screen.  On your time.

E-THERAPY: Therapy… easier.