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It’s Not Impossible to Change Behaviors

Changing behaviors is no doubt a difficult task. Have you ever set a new year’s intention and couldn’t make it permanently stick? Maybe you had some success, only to find yourself going back to those same old behaviors? You are not alone. People are constantly looking for ways to alter unwanted behaviors- everything from diets to relationships. Whatever it may be, if you want to make a change for the long term it is more than just will power alone. Think about it like this – if you are right handed and now you want to be left handed what would your game plan be? Would you do everything with your left hand? How long could you keep that up before you got frustrated and stopped trying? This all or nothing mentality can really disrupt the change flow. Sure, learning to write with your left hand may be much more difficult than trying a new diet or shifting unwanted patterns, but the same principles can be applied. It takes time, effort, insight and a plan to make real life long change. Many people find it helpful to work with a specialist in order to really explore negative patterns and set realistic and evidence-based positive change goals. At AMR Mental Health Therapy, we are trained specialists in behavioral psychology. We can help identify the behaviors that are not working, find behaviors to replace those, and create a treatment plan to make the changes possible. Reach out to learn more.

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