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Self Care

Life is busy and sometimes self-care gets lost as the responsibilities add up. We find ourselves stressed out about relationships, identity, self worth, career aspirations, past events or future goals. Still we keep going pushing forward, unclear on how to be fully authentic, worthy, and happy. We ask ourselves important questions. What’s working for me? What can I change? How can I decrease anxiety? How can I feel better about myself? How do I improve my communication? How do I feel? What do I think? Many questions, with no time for answers…maybe now is the time.

I am an open minded, competent therapist able to objectively work with various non-normative individuals, couples, and families. I believe life is unique for all of us. This is why we work together to achieve your goals. I utilize various therapeutic modalities, specific to you.

If you are ready, embark on this journey of healing, discovery and love, I can help. The challenge is yours to undertake but you are not alone. I will be there to assist you, exploring patterns thoughts and behaviors. The goal always to be living your best life. AMR Mental Health Therapy is a HIPAA Compliant Teletherapy practice for CA and NV residents.

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