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Therapy 101

Here are a few things to ask a potential therapist prior to beginning services with them.

Are they licensed? This is especially important when it comes to abilities and training.

What is their licensing? Therapists can have several types of licenses that allow them to become psychotherapists. The license type informs the way a therapist practices.

Do they have specialties? For example, if you are working through childhood trauma you want to ensure the therapist is skilled in trauma. It wouldn’t be beneficial to see a therapist that specializes in eating disorders. How often do they see clients? Some therapists schedules are very busy and they are unable to accommodate clients ethically. When starting out in therapy it is appropriate to see a therapist weekly or bi-weekly. If you are experiencing g depression and they want to see you monthly, it may not be a good fit. Do they have experience working with people part of your demographic? If you are a transgender female or a lesbian mother it is important in your treatment to ensure the therapist has the understanding of how your individual circumstances can impact treatment.

Are they trained in any specific treatment forms? Some clients benefit from different forms of therapy. It is not a one size fits all. Do your research and ask them how they practice.

These are just a few examples of questions to ask a potential therapist. A therapist is obligated to answer any question that would be deemed appropriate in your individual treatment. Therapy is for you! It is completely acceptable to ask questions and ensure the therapist is the right fit for you. It’s okay don’t be shy just ask. If a therapist refuses to answer or their answers don’t seem clear it might be a sign the therapist isn’t for you.

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