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Why Do Non-Monogamous People Need
Relationship Therapy?

Introduction to Non-Monogamous Relationships

Let’s start with some definitions before we get into our discussion. For our purposes, let’s keep it simple for now, since a full examination of the topic would consist of dozens of blogs.

Consensual non-monogamy describes those relationships in which all participants agree that one, both or all may pursue multiple sexual relationships. These configurations can differ widely, and there are many arrangements that fall under this umbrella term.

Polyamory is for those who are open to having loving, or even committed romantic partners, and again, all involved have given their consent and support.

All Relationships Require Communication

Whether experimenting or living it, non-monogamous people face barriers and hurtles. Along with the sexual/romantic freedom comes a labyrinth of issues in a still-evolving society.

To navigate these waters in a healthy way, you should remember that there is no universal script or playbook for unconventional relationships, and all participants must find their own unique path through the following:

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